5 Things Security Companies Need to Know About Real-Link

1. How easy is Real-Link to use? Will my staff need special training?

The Real-Link system is designed to be very simple to use with no need for special IT skills. Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays meaning that using Real-Link is extremely easy. Very little training is required and we have found that even the most die-hard technophobes are able to use it easily.

2. What sort of company is Real-Link designed for?

The answer to this is any company. Real-Link is used by small start-up companies’ right up to multi-national corporations. We work closely with every customer to ensure that they have the full functionality that they require. There is no minimum or maximum number of users and the system can be rolled out as the business grows, site by site as required or across the whole company.

3. How long will it take to set-up my system and then each new site?

Your initial system will usually be built within a day depending upon how complex your requirements are. After this has been done each site can be added within minutes, meaning you can have the system on site straight away.

4. Are you able to customise the solution for the different requirements of each site?

Real-Link is a fully customisable solution that enables you to capture location details and a whole host of other information. We will work with you to create the perfect application for your requirements and these can continue to be tweaked as your needs change.

5. Margins are tight. Can I afford Real-Link?

The Real-Link software licence is charged on a monthly/quarterly subscription basis meaning that no large initial outlay is required. The real question is can you afford not to have Real-Link? Many clients now want a proof of attendance system on site and many of our customers are keen to be as transparent as possible as they find it helps them win more business.

For more information on Real-Link please visit our website, email info@realtimedc.com or call 01243 855700.


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