Apps in the workplace


Apps are now used for everything from accessing your bank account, to ordering a pizza to controlling your thermostat.

The majority of us have a smartphone and the capability to do almost anything at the touch of a button (or scroll of a screen). However, how many of us are transferring this from our personal life into our workplace? Apps are available for a multitude of tasks in the workplace including many already used by millions already such as email, uploading receipts and designing and sending email marketing campaigns. However, there are many more tasks in the workplace, commonly done on paper that could be done using an app. One of the biggest is checklists and inspections.

Checklists and inspections are more commonly than not performed from a piece of paper. A tick sheet with things to be inspected will be worked through and then … what? What happens to this paper? Sometimes it may be typed up and entered on to the computer, other times it may be stored as paper, and many times it will be lost. Why not do this on an app? There are many apps out there with different levels of sophistication that would mean that the paper can be left behind for good (excellent for the environment too).

Contexts in which you fill in forms

These are just two workplace tasks that could be performed more efficiently, quickly and professionally using an app. There are many more which we will save for next time.

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