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Improve hotel efficiencies with Real-Link hospitality management software

Real-Link hospitality management software Are you looking for ways to automate processes in your hotel and remove intensive paper-based checks? Would you like instant notifications to reception and other departments to speed up and improve the service you are offering your customers? If you answer yes to either of these, then the Real-Link mobile app […]



EIGHT MORE MONTHS BEFORE RETURN TO NORMAL – TIME TO PAY IT FORWARD July 2020 saw the almost unprecedented situation of VAT rates being slashed to 5% within the hospitality and leisure sectors. This move by the Chancellor, was initially set to run until mid-January, however, was extended to the end of March, mainly due […]

Are your guards suffering from information overload (TMI)?

Are your guards suffering from information overload (TMI)? Time management and Digital Reporting for guards

Your new mobile app for guards is all set up and running…, Your customers are really pleased with the activity reports they’ve been receiving each day; so why is everyone at your company so miserable? Many mobile apps ask your guards to remember code numbers for reporting activity, and others have your guards wading through […]

Safe Device Handling

Safe Device Handling device handling

Safe device handling using UV-C light technology Here at Realtime DC Ltd, we have invested in a UV-Clean device to defend against the spread of infectious microorganisms on high touch objects such as mobile phones. UV-C light is a chemical free technology used to exterminate bacteria and viruses such as Coronaviruses, MRSA, E. coli and […]

RealTime DC receives important ISO accreditation

RealTime DC receives important ISO accreditation iso

At RealTime DC Ltd we are proud to say we have been accredited an ISO 27001certificate for Information Security Management Systems. Undergoing comprehensive training and testing for all staff with an intensive audit process, ISO 27001 certification proves that we meet the high standards required to protect the sensitive information of our clients and suppliers. […]

Real-Link for Security Patrols System is Welcomed by Security Companies

Real-Link for Security Patrols System is Welcomed by Security Companies security patrols system

Since November 2009, RealTime DC have been marketing the Real-Link proof of attendance solution to the security industry with great success in being an effective security patrols system. Real-Link is a real-time proof of attendance system that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID technology). Using a NFC enabled mobile phone, an […]

Remove Paperwork from Bar & Nightclub Checks with Real-Link

Remove Paperwork from Bar & Nightclub Checks with Real-Link architecture-restaurant-bar-meal

Running a bar, pub or nightclub can mean reams of paperwork from all of the checks that must be completed. How do you remove paperwork from your operations? Do you know what checks have been completed, when and by whom? These might include opening checks, toilet checks, regular venue patrols, closing checks, deep cleaning checks […]

Not just a basic patrol system …

Not just a basic patrol system … Patrol system for security guard

Overview You may have already heard about Real-Link, or you may already use it but are you aware of the other things it can do to help your business be more efficient? Read on to find out about the features of our patrol system that can help you streamline your business. Patrol System with Rounds […]

5 Things Security Companies Need to Know About Real-Link

1. How easy is Real-Link to use? Will my staff need special training? The Real-Link system is designed to be very simple to use with no need for special IT skills. Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays meaning that using Real-Link is extremely easy. Very little training is required and we have found that […]

Real-Link Delivers 100% accuracy every time

You’ve decided it’s time to go paper-less. When choosing a software tool to help you achieve your objective, one of the many important things to consider in moving away from written instructions, procedures, reports, etc. is the accuracy and dependability of the tool you choose. Some software vendors will have you believe that all methods […]