5 Cool ways to use NFC

5 cool ways to use NFC

Here at RealTime, we have long been fans of NFC technology. We have been working with it since we started selling our Real-Link system back in 2009. However, NFC is not just for the workplace and for proof of attendance. With the increased popularity of smartphones offering new technology, we can all now use NFC as an advantage. NFC technology is extremely useful in lots of different aspects of our lives.

Here we look at five cool ways to use NFC:

1. Smart business cards

You don’t need to carry a wad of paper business cards with you anymore. Simply carry a RFID tag that has your contact information written to it and ask anyone who needs your contact details to touch it with their phone. This way they get all of your details straight in their phone.

2. Save and share your Wi-Fi code

If you seem to always be searching for that little piece of paper with the Wi-Fi code on to share with friends at home or visitors at work, use NFC instead. Save the code to a tag and let those who need the code touch it to be instantly connected to the Wi-Fi.

3. Advertise!

Place an RFID sticker (tag) on your flyers or a poster so that anyone who scans it using NFC on their phone, will connect to your website instantly for further information.

4. Unlock your front door

This really can be done! For this, you would need to invest in smart locks on your doors, but once set up you can open them by simply touching your phone to the lock.

5. Use NFC to pay for things

This is probably the one you know most about as it is now everywhere. Most people will use a contactless payment card but have you paid with your phone yet? Both Google and Apple offer ‘pay by phone’ features which are simple to set up and quick to use.

This is just a small selection of things that NFC can be used for. Now it is a common feature in phones we can expect to see more and more uses for it becoming available.

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