Covid Safe

Make your business Covid Safe

We have, for many years, supplied different products and solutions to custmers. In light of the current pandemic and the need for businesses to re-open under new rules, we have added some new products to our range.

RealTime is looking to help local businesses comply with safety measures by offering a range of basic Covid Safe products specifically designed for dealing with direct customer interaction during these uncertain times.

Social distancing measures can be hard to adopt when you’re used to work in fast-paced, busy environments. Through our customers, RealTime DC has some experience for integrating social distancing equipment within different business environments and premises to help employees and customers work and visit safely.

Our experience in retail and hospitality helps us suggest and supply products on how businesses should approach the current situation and be Covid safe, especially when it comes to PoS and card terminals, which are the main customer interaction points.

We are continually looking for other products to help our customers with different requirements, so please feel free to give us a call. With our many manufacturers and distributors, if we don’t have what you need, we are sure we can find it for you.

Thermal checks equipment