EPoS for Education

EPoS for Education

State-of-the-art EPoS for Education installed by our specialists in West-Sussex

Implement a state-of-the-art ICRTouch system into your canteen and you will have an EPoS solution that is trusted by the education sector globally to deliver lunch times on time, every time. Control your catering finances, create a cashless environment, manage student and staff accounts and keep track of your stock.

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EPoS for Education

Benefits To Pupils:

  • A cashless environment reduces the risk of bullying and also resolves any stigma held between free and paid meal pupils.

  • Pupils can sign on safely using cards, name, and number and if they forget their card photo ID can be used to verify their identity.

  • Balances are stored centrally, not on the card, so money cannot be lost. There can also be warnings and restrictions per account for certain products e.g. allergies.

Benefits To Caterer

  • Service is fast and efficient throughout for students and staff. The system has a very simple intuitive user interface so staff require minimal training.

  • With ICRTouch you will get all the benefits of a modern EPoS system e.g. stock control, accurate price control and analysis reporting.

Benefits To Parent / Guardian

  • Parents / guardians top up their child’s account with internet, cheque or cash payment options and no longer have to find dinner money change each day or week. They can monitor what their children spend their money on, and lunch money can only be spent at school with limits set per break or day.

  • ‘Wallets’ mean parents can control and pay for other items such as school trips, sports activities and events.

Benefits To School / University

  • Lost or stolen cards can be quickly blocked and transferred to a new card. The customer identity is confirmed by an on-screen picture reducing card theft and bullying. Promote healthy eating by implementing a rewards / points scheme. Detailed sales history means you can drill down by customer see what they are purchasing. Visitors and temporary staff can be assigned a temporary account.

  • Provide an overdraft facility to allow any student who has run out of money to eat while enabling collection later.

  • Free meal usage reporting for LEA.

  • Wallets’ mean it can be used for payment of other items such as school trips, sports activities and events.


Flexibile TopUp Methods

TouchTopUp offers customers the flexibility to top up accounts either on-site with cash or via credit, debit cards and online payment providers such as PayPal and SagePay. Add our wall-mounted industrial steel TouchTopUp cash box and you’ll be offering an on-site facility to top-up catering accounts with coins and notes

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