We offer EPoS solutions specifically built to your needs, focusing on minimising the time spent on installation. We realise that each business is different and with ICRTouch having over 150,000 installs across more than a decade, we have a partner solution for any sector. 

Combined with our expertise and access to many different products, we can provide what you need, backed up with excellent guidance and support.

ICRTouch EPoS Partner

ICRTouch concentrate on creating great software products. They don’t have a direct sales team, instead, ICRTouch prefer the personal touch offered by a local company such as RealTime DC that can offer you great service and support.

We are proud to be an ICRTouch Authorised Partner, able to support you remotely or visit you onsite and offering both the software and suitable equipment to help you run your business smoothly.

We provide both the software and the suitable hardware equipment such as Touch Screen Terminals, Receipt Printers, Kitchen Printers, Cash Drawers depending on your needs. 

Our team is driven and focused to offer superb service and support providing competitive pricing for the highest quality products and services.

EPoS Solutions

EPoS systems built to meet your business requirements...

No matter what products and services you sell or the size of your business, you can count on the quality and reliable performance of ICRTouch retail and hospitality business solutions combined with RealTime’s leading hardware manufacturers to bring satisfaction to you and your customers.

Offering a wide and varied range of innovative hardware and software solutions, RealTime DC will be able to meet the most demanding of requirements:

  • Fulfilling the needs of every hospitality and retail business, from small cafés to a large chain of pubs and hotels

  • Improving your business efficiency and increasing your turnover

We believe that a successful EPoS system should not be high maintenance, so administering ICR’s solutions is quick and easy. We can provide you with complete a solution with all the software, hardware, support and the peripherals you require to increase the profitability of your business.

The solutions we offer are built to your specifications , fully loaded with your menu/products, all components tested on our bench, viewed and approved by you, delivered with all required cables to allow you to operate immediately.

If you want a full service we will maintain your till for any price changes, new products, promotions and more, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Features of our EPOS solutions :

EPoS solutions by Sector

ICRTouch offer more than Point of Sale. Manage all areas of your business with their family of software solutions. Easy to use, reliable and fast, individually tailored to the way you work. We supply EPoS solutions across a range of industries.

For further details on how we can help you within your business sector, please make your selection.

EPoS Solutions Free Consultation: 01243 855700