Facilities Management companies use RealLink to provide proof of service

Real-Link started by helping security companies prove that their guards had performed the patrols on time. Many of these security companies went on to use Real-Link for additional purposes such as lone worker protection and incident reporting. As more and more functionality became available within the Real-Link system it became clear that it would be beneficial in a number of other industries.

Many of RealTime’s security clients are involved in Facilities Management.   In addition to security, this can include cleaning, landscaping, maintenance and car park management.  Real-Link lends itself to all of these areas of work. If a FM company needs to prove to their client when an area was cleaned, when the flowers were planted or when the car park was checked, they can use Real-Link. The FM company’s client can even be emailed automatic reports to show this information through text reports and images.

All employees using the Real-Link app can report a maintenance issue. This will be sent automatically via email to the relevant department to ensure that it is dealt with quickly,resulting that the FM company is providing the best possible service.

All staff members, no matter what role, can use Real-Link to replace paper-based forms. All data is uploaded instantly with no need to type it up or store it. Real-Link can streamline your whole FM business ensuring that you are providing proof of the best possible service to your clients, whilst helping to keep your employees safe.

Real-Link is an easy to use, cost-effective, mobile phone-based proof of attendance and data capture system.

To find out how it can help your business please contact RealTime DC on 01243 855700 or email info@realtimedc.com

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