Improve hotel efficiencies with Real-Link hospitality management software

Hospitality management software

Paper-based reports are a thing of the past...

If you are looking for ways to automate processes in your hotel and remove intensive paper-based checks then our hospitality management software can help you.

You can receive instant notifications to reception and other departments to speed up and improve the service.

About Real-Link hospitality management software

Real-Link is an application that runs on a mobile device and uses the mobile phone network or Wi-Fi to send data instantly to the relevant people.

Whether it be room cleaning inspections, security patrols, noise monitoring, toilet checks, fire inspections, or mini bar checks, Real-Link can help transfer location-based information in real-time.

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You can view what minibar items have been consumed, that a room is ready for the next guests, or that there is a maintenance issue. This is achieved through real-time notifications as data is reported by your staff.

Instant notifications mean that things can be actioned as soon as they are reported.

You can forget about waiting for paper-based reports to turn up or relying on phone calls (and the subsequent jotting down on paper). Our cloud-based system stores all the data in one place. This means that you can refer back to it at any time without the need to search through an antiquated filing system.

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