Improve hotel efficiencies with Real-Link hospitality management software

Real-Link hospitality management software

Are you looking for ways to automate processes in your hotel and remove intensive paper-based checks? Would you like instant notifications to reception and other departments to speed up and improve the service you are offering your customers?

If you answer yes to either of these, then the Real-Link mobile app is for you.

Real-Link is an app that runs on a mobile phone and uses the mobile phone network or Wi-Fi to send data instantly to the people who need to see it. Whether it be room cleaning inspections, security patrols, noise monitoring, toilet checks, fire inspections, or mini bar checks, Real-Link can help with them all.

Hospitality management software

Real-time notifications can be sent to show what minibar items have been consumed, that a room is ready for the next guests, or that there is a maintenance issue. Instant notifications mean that things can be actioned as soon as they are reported.

No more waiting for paper-based reports or relying on a phone call (and the subsequent jotting down on paper). All data is stored in our cloud-based system meaning that you can refer back to it at any time without the need to either type up reports from paper or search through an antiquated filing system.

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