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Check if employees are on-site and the hours they have worked

Checking watch

We all know how important it is to keep track and monitor remote employees. This is a key aspect for their own safety and productivity. Do you also keep track of employees who work in a fixed or temporary locations? Are you still stuck using timesheets wasting time typing them up and analysing? By using Real-Link you can monitor your employees’ attendance and location.

You can now be sure that all employees are at their specific locations. Real-Link also helps to ensure their safety by having a full record of who is on-site at what time. Timesheets would be a thing of the past as all data would be captured automatically and you can download or integrate it with your payroll systems.

ID cards that are issued to employees and they  simply need to swipe them across a mobile phone. The cards record employee’s name, the date and time. Additionally, the location is automatically recorded. This information is sent to the Real-Link backend portal instantly. You can then log in, see and download the reports.

Real-Link is a completely portable time and attendance system that can be moved from site to site for temporary jobs or left in one fixed place if required. Being so flexible also means that Real-Link is much more cost-effective than other time and attendance systems that need to be on a network and mounted to a wall.

If you need to keep track of employees, check shift patterns or satisfy health & safety requirements, then the Real-Link time and attendance system is for you.

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