Employee monitoring, data collection and asset management software for Security, Facilities Management, Cleaning, Hospitality, Retail and Power Industries

Real-Link is a data capture app dedicated to monitoring, regular-checking and digital reporting. Easy to use and cost-effective, it provides you with real-time data on any of your operations. 

The app can be used in a variety of contexts including but not limited to incident reporting, area manager reporting, time and attendance, asset checks, toilet/fire doors/noise, checks, lone worker rounds.

NFC technology allows the collection of data, which is then transferred immediately to a web portal. 


Real-Link data capture app can be used in a variety of contexts as it is customisable to fulfil individual business needs. Do you need to monitor staff operations, track attendance or effectively report incidents? Real-Link can help you achieve these and much more.


RealTime DC provides Real-Link services for the following: building sites, outdoor events, facility management companies, schools, security companies, airports, bar, restaurants, night clubs and many more… We have an app version built for each of our individual customers.

Amazing Support

RealTime DC makes everything as easy as possible for you. Our dedicated team will always be here to guide and support you. We offer advice, free training and we set up everyting for you so you can easily integrate Real-Link within your business processes.