Real-Link delivers 100% accuracy every time

You’ve decided it’s time to go paper-less. When choosing a software tool to help you achieve your objective, one of the many important things to consider in moving away from written instructions, procedures, reports, etc. is the accuracy and dependability of the tool you choose.

Some software vendors will have you believe that all methods of collecting and sharing information are pretty much the same, but we beg to differ. Radio frequency identification, or RFID as it’s commonly known, is the only sure fire way to guarantee that the information is accurate. Isn’t improved accuracy one of the reasons for going paper-less in the first place?

Once activated, an RFID tag cannot be tampered with, modified or duplicated. Bar code, QR tags and labels can be rendered useless by anyone carrying a pen or marker. Bar code and QR tags and labels can also be copied, so if you’re using it to track specific locations, can you ever be sure that the exact location was tracked?

Real-Link captures and delivers the information you need, when and where you need it, with 100% accuracy every time thanks to RFID technology (we also support other methods if need be).

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