RealTime’s expansion to U.S.A.

RealTime's expansion to U.S.A.

RealTime DC Ltd has expanded to start a new company in the U.S.A.

Brian Pellett, Managing Director, has appointed Bob Kane as Development Director for RealTime DC (USA) Llc to re-sell the highly successful Real-Link Solution.

Real-Link is an NFC mobile phone based solution that allows real time reporting of employees movements and monitoring of assets. We are able to offer a solution that can provide proof of attendance in real time, whether it is for facility management, security, cleaning, events management or a host of other uses.

The system works with NFC and RFID to report immediately when a tag is touched by a compatible device at any chosen location, then it is displayed on the web site which can be accessed at different levels for customers and management.

Two types of Real-Link application are available, the ‘Touch and Go’ which simply displays who has been at a given location and when, or the ‘Standard Functionality’ which enables location sensitive data capture. A list of options can be seen, giving the users information on site, or the ability to instantly report information or photographs via the application installed on the mobile phone.

RealTime DC (USA) Llc is based in New Jersey and initially, Bob Kane will be focusing on the security market with the launch of a marketing campaign.

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