Send messages to all employees using Real-Link Messaging


Having remote employees in many locations can mean that communicating regular updates or even urgent information and instructions can be difficult. Email might not always be picked up, phone calls can be difficult if employees are on different shifts and word of mouth is unreliable. If you would like an easy way to send information to all employees, no matter where they are working, and ensure that they have definitely seen it during their shifts, then Real-Link messaging is for you.

Real-Link messaging works as part of the normal Real-Link app. It enables you to send basic text messages or more detailed messages including pictures, attachments or links. The messages are sent from the web reports system to the employee’s mobile phone. They will only be able to see the message if they are logged into the app. Messages can also be set to be sent at particular times. If there is a task that must be done within a certain timeframe, set the message to be sent at that time.

The main benefit of Real-Link messaging over standard text messages is that they can be set to be sent to either individuals, groups of employees, or everyone. Messages can also have a requirement that they must be replied to so that you can have confirmation from the employee that a task has been done.  Messaging through the Real-Link system is also included in the Real-Link monthly licensing costs.

Real-Link is an easy to use, cost-effective, mobile phone-based proof of attendance and data capture system.

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