UV24 Surface Mount

Universal Solution for:
• Monitors
• Keyboards
• Shared Workstations
• Customer Kiosk
• Employee Time Clock
• Call Center Technology
• Telephones
• Mobile Technology
• Keypads


The UV24 Surface Mount uses UV-C light to eradicate harmful bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant viruses (including Coronaviruses SARS and MERS), Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Enterococcus (VRE), as well as E. coli, difficile, Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp and Listeria spp. UV-C light is being used globally to fight the COVID-19 strain. Our automated chemical-free disinfecting technology is your proven ally against the spread of infectious microorganisms.

The UV-Surface Mount is designed to be used as a free-standing unit or you can easily remove the stand and attach the device to the top of any monitor bezel. Automated cleaning cycles with low doses of UV-C light are harmful to pathogens, yet the UV-SM is designed with safety in mind for all human


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UV24 Surface Mount

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