5 Things Security Companies Need to Know About Real-Link

1. How easy is Real-Link to use? Will my staff need special training? The Real-Link system is designed to be very simple to use with no need for special IT skills. Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays meaning that using Real-Link is extremely easy. Very little training is required and we have found that […]

Real-Link Delivers 100% accuracy every time

You’ve decided it’s time to go paper-less. When choosing a software tool to help you achieve your objective, one of the many important things to consider in moving away from written instructions, procedures, reports, etc. is the accuracy and dependability of the tool you choose. Some software vendors will have you believe that all methods […]

Streamline Guard Operations with Real-Link USA

Congratulations, your marketing and training programs are delivering results. Business is brisk and growing every month. Now is the perfect time to get your back-office operation working as well as your field operation, while at the same time improving both. Even though things are going well, there are challenges waiting to consume your operation: As […]

RealTime DC has joined ASIS International

RealTime DC, a provider of technology solutions such as Real-Link, is proud to announce that it has become a member of ASIS International. ASIS International has been serving the security profession for 60 years, providing a forum for the development of standards and guidelines, and delivering professional training and certifications to the security community. RealTime […]

Label, Card & Receipt Solutions

RealTime DC are able to supply Label, Card and Receipt Solutions for many business sectors including Warehousing, Hospitality and Retail. Depending upon your solution, there are supplies available for almost every application and condition, whether this is for small scaled projects or larger projects. Genuine Supplies are an essential mechanism for maintaining compliance, ensuring brand […]

Card reader mounting solutions

RealTime DC are happy to announce a successful partnership with Ergonomic Solutions. RealTime DC are now able to supply mounting solutions for wide ranges of EPOS & MPOS Hardware. Ergonomic Solutions products are designed to allow movement and flexibility with rotation, tilting, elbow arm and height adjustable capabilities. These solutions will enable staff to create […]

RealTime Awarded ‘Be the Business’ Grant photo of people near wooden table 3183156 scaled

RealTime Awarded ‘Be the Business’ Grant

RealTime DC’s expansion plans were given a boost this summer with the award of the West Sussex County Councils ‘Be the Business’ grant. Be the Business is a scheme offering support and grants to new businesses and existing businesses looking to grow. RealTime applied for this grant at the end of 2013 by submitting their […]

RealTime’s expansion to U.S.A. RealTime's expansion to U.S.A.

RealTime’s expansion to U.S.A.

RealTime DC Ltd has expanded to start a new company in the U.S.A. Brian Pellett, Managing Director, has appointed Bob Kane as Development Director for RealTime DC (USA) Llc to re-sell the highly successful Real-Link Solution. Real-Link is an NFC mobile phone based solution that allows real time reporting of employees movements and monitoring of […]