Streamline guard operations with Real-Link

Congratulations, your marketing and training programs are delivering results. Business is brisk and growing every month. Now is the perfect time to get your back-office operation working as well as your field operation, while at the same time improving both.

Even though things are going well, there are challenges waiting to consume your operation:

  • As your business has grown, you’ve cobbled together an assortment of tools to get the job done. As you continue to grow, the level of effort required to manage these tools has become a burden.
  • As your business expands to new market segments, customer demands for reporting options and operational transparency continues to increase.
  • Your competition has noticed your success and will counter that with price, and performance initiatives, while offering “value add” services.
  • Real-Link can help you respond to these challenges, while keeping your business growing, staying ahead of the pack.

      1. Real-Link has the flexibility to replace your current tools with a single system that is easy to integrate into your operation, simple to use, and extremely affordable.
      2. Real-Link’s reporting system can deliver on just about every requirement. From guard tour operations, incident response and reporting, facility inspections, even personnel inspections and evaluations. Add in the ability to deliver photos, videos, and GPS positioning in real time and Real-Link can do it all.
      3. Real-Link can also be easily integrated into other systems such as payroll, eliminating the need for time consuming data entry. All data can be provided quickly and easily to your clients.

    Let us show you how our customers have experienced increased revenue growth, while at the same time holding the line on operational expenses. Please contact us to schedule a demo and learn first-hand, how Real-Link can help!

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