RealTime’s interesting TEAMS journey

Do you know how much you can do with Microsoft TEAMS? We were not aware until we were constrained by sudden changes to implement new tools.

Here at RealTime we have used traditional POP email on a remote server for years. Each user had email downloaded to their desktop PC, with remote access gained by VPN onto the office network. This enabled our staff to access email and documents store on the in-house server.

We have had Office 365 since 2014 on many PC’s to use the standard office apps such as Excel and Word. Our main CRM system is NetSuite by Oracle, which is a leading cloud solution allowing access from any browser.

The current crisis ,meant our staff had to work from home, so we all needed email access, document control and effective internal communication. We decided to use our Office 365 licences and move all our email across to Office. We also looked at document storage options. This meant we had TEAMS and what a discovery that has been! We now use TEAMS for all our internal chats, messaging, meetings, document collaboration and storage.

This has significantly improved how we work and reduced complexity of document versions, allowing clear tracking of conversations and actions against a theme or project. The search ability allows users to find any document or conversation easily, not just by title but by content as well. No more complicated folder structures.

The use of TEAMS (and the underlying SharePoint) will allow us to remove our Server2012 R2 shortly.

We really should have adopted TEAMS earlier. Once we are back in the office, we will continue to use TEAMS as our main intranet tool.

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