How to effectively transform your alarm response process?

Alarm Response

Is your current alarm response process overwhelming?

Are you tired of all of the paperwork you need to complete for an alarm response? Do your employees spend much longer than you would like them to fill in paperwork? Would you like a quick and easy way to complete, store and present your incident reports? If this is the case, read on about how Real-Link can help you.

How can Real-Link help you transform your alarm response process?

Real-Link is an easy to use app that runs on a mobile device. Fully customisable, Real-Link can display all of your current paper-based forms for alarm response to be filled in on-site, on the mobile phone. This is made simple with the use of drop-down lists and tick boxes to select from. All data is captured electronically meaning no paper forms to mess about with. Photos and video can also be captured.

As well as the report form, Real-Link also acts as a proof of attendance system, recording the exact time and date that your employee arrived on site, and the time they left. This information can be sent to your client to help with invoicing queries.

Key codes or alarm codes can be stored within the Real-Link system and requested when on site. These are stored and sent to the phone in a secure way meaning there is no more need to carry codes in an insecure way. Once the security officer locates himself on site, questions that are specific for that site can be displayed to be filled in. No more generic forms for all sites.

Once the report has been completed, it can be emailed straight to the relevant parties, as well as the control room, to inform them that the officer is leaving the site.

To see a demo or have a free of charge trial of the alarm response keyholding app, please contact us on or 01243 855700.

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