Not just a basic patrol system …

Patrol system for security guard


You may have already heard about Real-Link, or you may already use it but are you aware of the other things it can do to help your business be more efficient? Read on to find out about the features of our patrol system that can help you streamline your business.

Patrol System with Rounds

Do you need to easily see that patrols are being completed? Is it difficult to scroll through lines of data to check this? If this is you, then you need our rounds functionality. Using the rounds features you can specify which locations must be visited and how often. These locations are grouped into timed ‘patrols’. Colour coded reports enable you to easily see which rounds have been completed, finished incomplete or not started. A Round Exceptions report highlights any locations that are consistently missed.

Proof of service

If you need to provide proof to your client of patrols being completed, the Round Report is the quickest and simplest way of doing this. We can even set this up to be emailed to you automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Incident Reporting (including alarm response forms)

The Real-Link system can be customised for your own requirements including replacing any paper forms that are currently filled in. These could be incident reports, alarm response, reporting maintenance issues or many others. Forms can be designed to your requirements including using drop down lists, tick boxes, taking photos and video, signatures, and more.

These reports can be instantly emailed to management.

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To find out more about Real-Link or to arrange a free trial (including a free trial of additional functionality for existing customers) please contact us now on or call 01243 855700.

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