Use Real-Link to help ensure that location-specific checks are performed correctly

location-specific checks

As many of our customers will already be aware, Real-Link is an excellent tool for providing proof of attendance which also helps to ensure that location-specific checks are performed. Whether you need to see that security guards are performing their patrols when they should be or that cleaners are checking toilets every hour, Real-Link does this effortlessly. In addition to proof of attendance, Real-Link can also be used for data capture such as filling in forms and sending instructions and this can be specific for each location if required.

The majority of our customers use Real-Link with RFID tags that need to be scanned (although it can be used with barcodes or GPS). Once a tag is scanned a menu of options appears on the phone. In a lot of cases, this menu is the same for each location. However, the Real-Link system is easily customisable and different options can appear on the phone for different locations, different types of location and for different people.

If you have different checks that need to be done on each site, this can be programmed into the app. If you need certain checks to be made in outdoors areas but different checks in toilets, this can also be done. If you want the majority of your employees to see one list of options when a tag is scanned, but the supervisors to see another, this can be done. In fact, Real-Link is completely customisable.

We can take any paper forms you currently have and incorporate them into the system ensuring that your users are prompted to do certain tasks if required. This not only helps to ensure that the right task is done at the right locations, but it also means that all reports are automatically in the system and can be emailed automatically if required.

Real-Link is an easy to use, cost-effective, mobile phone-based proof of attendance and data capture system.

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